4 types of diseases are caused by this parasite.

1. The type of skin in the areas that are exposed to mosquito bites leads to the formation of wounds on the face, hands and feet. Lesions usually heal over the next few months and may leave a scar.

2. Diffuse skin type causes chronic and diffuse skin lesions. The lesions are similar to those found in leprosy. Treatment of these lesions is difficult. Note that disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis is not considered in the classification of diseases caused by leishmaniasis.

3. Skin-mucosal type, the lesions partially or completely destroy the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and surrounding tissues

4. The visceral type, which is called kala azar, is characterized by high fever, weight loss, enlarged liver and spleen, and anemia. If untreated, 100% mortality within 2 years is inevitable