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Video report of the opening ceremony of Rivand urban and rural comprehensive health service center with the presence of the president of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences

According to Vebda report, Dr. Salari, in the opening ceremony of this health project, while congratulating the 45th anniversary of the Revolution and the Shabaniyeh holidays, pointed out the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and said: "The fight against arrogance and liberation from the yoke of enemies and oppressors is the most important achievement of the Islamic Revolution of our country, which is also in the field of Both domestically and internationally, it has received the attention of the world.

He added: But the achievement that this special victory of the Iranian nation has brought is first of all security and then health. The revolution is based on removing deprivation and taking care of the people of deprived and underprivileged areas, and today, with the blessing of the revolution, Islamic Iran has improved in many indicators, including life expectancy, a significant reduction in infant and child mortality, and an increase in hospitals and centers. There has been significant progress in treatment, increasing hospital beds, etc.

Dr. Salari continued: In the field of health, due to the importance of prevention before treatment, with the construction and establishment of health centers and its expansion throughout the country, the issue of infectious diseases became a special control, while before the revolution A large number of people died from infectious diseases.

We are proud to announce that with the efforts of Iranian scientists and thinkers, today the Islamic Republic of Iran has reached self-sufficiency in the field of health, and this has caused the country to receive 600 thousand billion Riyals of foreign currency from this field.

Mehdi Bahadori, the governor of Davarzan, further appreciated Dr. Salari, the president of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences, who is committed to explaining the achievements of the holy system of the Islamic Republic, and said: We thank God that thanks to the pure blood of the martyrs, a situation has prevailed in the country that is very It is desirable, the expectations of the people from the government and the statesmen are diverse and increasing, these expectations, from an aspect, bring the status and dignity of our country and our holy system, which has been able to provide an opportunity for the people to demand the best.

He added: The differences that have been created in the country cannot be compared to before the revolution, the events that happened during the 45 years of the Islamic Revolution in every field are more like a miracle, especially in the field of health, the successes that have made Iran a part of Be the fastest societies in the world in improving living conditions and improving health indicators.

Bahadori stated: The speed of the country"s movement towards changing the conditions and improving it is very high compared to many countries, which is due to the sacred system that has been supported by the people.





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