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Special joint meeting of the governor of Sabzevar with the president of the university focusing on the establishment of the Siraj center and the national suicide prevention document

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At the beginning of this meeting, Dr. Salari emphasized on taking the issue of mental health seriously and its importance in preventing social harms and said: Considering that mental health is one of the important issues of today"s society, it can be implemented with practical solutions and commitment. He took an effective step towards improving mental health and reducing injuries.

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He added: "The best path for the health of the society goes through mental health, and since the most important indicator of social capital is a healthy person, planning regarding youth issues and the social vitality of the society is considered as a sensible solution to improve the mental health of the society." .

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Dr. Ghazanfari, vice president of university health, continued: The purpose of establishing the Siraj center is to improve the quality and quantity of providing mental-social health services to the target community, and considering that the services of this center cover a wide range of clients and patients, this satisfaction will realize the general

He added: With the establishment of this center, the services that have been empty in the system of providing basic and specialized services, despite being necessary, will be defined and covered.

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In the following, Engineer Ebrahimi, the special governor of the city, emphasized on the use of existing capacities and resources and the statistics of defects that exist in the process of providing mental and social health services at the city level and reminded: the lack of presence of the devices in line with the announced plans and responsibility Their social status should not hinder service delivery.

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He admitted: improving services in all institutions can be effective in preventing and reducing social harm, including suicide.

It should be noted that in this meeting, the instructions for setting up the Siraj Center, the description of the proposed tasks of the devices based on the provincial section of the National Suicide Prevention Document and the proposed comprehensive plan for suicide prevention compiled by the Mental Health, Social and Addiction Group of the Vice-Chancellor of Health received the governor"s opinion. .

It was also decided to prepare and finalize a memorandum in line with the goals of the provincial section of the national suicide prevention document in the city with the signature of the governor, the president of the University of Medical Sciences as the secretary of the city working group of the national suicide prevention document and the relevant institutions.



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