Sabzevar Heshmatie Hospital


Acceptance procedures for patients admitted to hospital by clinic or physician


1. The referral of the patient to the admission department with a doctor's admission order

2. obtaining the patient's identity information based on a national card or valid identification card and patient's patient booklet by


3. Examination of the insurance of patients who have more than one notebook and inform the expert

Related insurance to cancel one of them

4. obtaining consent from the patient and, in emergency cases, obtaining the consent of the patient

 file a case

6. Depositary payment deposit for patients with diagnosis of trauma and cosmetic surgeries

7. Referral of the patient to the relevant department with the possession of the case

Patients who are covered by insurance are required when admitting to hospital

Pay attention to the following points:

1. In order to use insurance, it is necessary to have the insurance history books and white leaf.

2. The rural insurance books must have a health stamp (family physician) (and date of the day)


3. Children over 2 years of age must have a photo insurance card; for children under 2

Years in which their insurance record is not photographed, accompanied by a mandatory parent insurance booklet

, Otherwise the costs will be calculated freely.

4. Providing a valid photo identification card is required for non-Iranian patients.

(Identity card, certificate, passport, residence card)

5. If the patient is not admitted to legal age or in immature physical and mental condition

But (d) the father (or the legal guardian of the patient) with the legal documents (at the time of admission)

Treatment is present.

6. For patients under the age of 81 years, consent of the father or guardian is required, if not available

Nominee's Letter of Attorney or Nominee Consent of the Father or Legal Officer or Letter from the Prosecutor's Office of the Required Place of Residence.