Ms. Esmat Saeedi Nik

Date of birth : 1973 AD

email :

Educational records :

         Bachelor of Nursing - Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences 1992 - 1989

         Master of Health Services Management - Tehran University of Science and Research 2007-2008

Duties :
1 - Planning in the field of quality promotion and continuous improvement of customer service delivery activities.

2 - Collect information from:

- The center includes: approved organizational chart, purpose, type of activity, monthly and annual reports, nursing audit report, staff records, interview with staff

- Patients: By type of hospitalization, care needs, services provided.

- Resources include human resources (nurses, health care providers, carers, technicians and practitioners of the operation room, anesthesia and other related personnel). Physical structure, facilities and equipment

2 - Active participation in policy institutions and other in-house committees.

3 - Determine the goals (short-term, medium-term, long-term) based on the needs for maintaining and improving the level of health and social welfare of the patient, taking into account the policies of the center and making recommendations to the relevant authorities.

5 - Determine the policy and adopt appropriate methods and determine the timetable for achieving the desired goals.

6 - Planning for the formation and participation in specific committees with a detailed description of duties (educational, research, control and monitoring of infection control, etc).


7 - Provide an optimal solution to the responsible and create the appropriate conditions for the optimal use of available resources in order to achieve the desired goals

8- Development and implementation of patient and family education programs at different levels of prevention.

9 - Establishing active coordination and participation in the health, medical and rehabilitation planning center.

10 - Attract the Center's health team to achieve goals.

11 - Establishing coordination in nursing student clinical education programs.

12 - Contributing to budgeting for the Center's activities.

13 - Determine and recommend the required budget and prioritize them to implement nursing programs.

14 - Contribution to the research project.

15 - Planning and Proposing to Prevent Infection (Infection Control).

16 - Carry out planning and collaboration with other relevant units to enhance the knowledge and skills of nursing staff professionals.

17 - Provide basic planning strategies to ensure the well-being of supervised employees in partnership with other relevant units.

18 - Determine the estimation of the different levels of human resources required by nursing departments based on scientific standards.

19 - Determine the limits, expectations and performance factors in different occupational categories according to the features and specifications of the approved tasks.

20 - Employing human resources based on the ability of individuals to work in different shifts.