Head of Department : Ali Akbar ShakibanFar

This center, which was launched in 2009, is one of premier MRI centers with astate of the art 1.5 Tesla machine (Siemens, Germany). At present, the capability of this device in assisting clinicians to diagnose brain diseases and to provide details of different parts of the brain has drawn countless patients to this center.

The reporting doctors in MRI center are:

Dr. Ramin ShahrAyini, Radiologist

Dr.Yaser Krueji, Radiologist

Dr. Tahereh Habashizadeh, Radiologist

Dr. Mohammad Esmaeil Ahmad Abadi, Radiologist

Radiology experts:

Mr. Majid Farsad, Mr. Mehdi Najafi, Ms. Robabeh Hesari, and Mr. Ali Akbar Shakibanfar

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Tel:+985144014200 and +985144014201