Head of Department : Fatemeh Delbari

The Neonatal Nursing Department of the Sabzevar Medical Center, with 6 beds and an infrastructure of about 400 meters, was launched on Monday 11/11/1999 and started providing health care to patients and the needy in the health area.
Seyed Mohammad Miry, the director of the center said, the cost of launching the sector was about 1 billion and 400 million tomans, about two hundred million tomans cost spent on the renovation and reconstruction of the district and the hunting and one billion and two million tomans cost of medical equipment and other facilities.
He added that with the launch of this section and the presence of specialists and the availability of complete and complete equipment for sending patients to receive special care and imposing other costs, they will be prevented.
With the increase of the six beds, the total number of special beds for the health center increased to 14 beds, and in the coming months, nine more ICU beds will be added to the beds, with a total of twenty-three beds, with three special care units Citizens will serve.