Advanced Technologies Incubator Center

Manager: Dr. Hossein Saghi, PhD in Environmental Health



Advanced Technologies Incubator Center is a support center providing financial, councelling and training advice for newly inaugurating small companies. It is evidenced that these incubator centers have helped sustain small companies by parimary venure capital up to 80%. Companies staying successfully with incubator centers can ultimately keep on acting in the market independently. 


Pre-development period: In this six to nine months period, innovator individuals or groups are provided advice and training to help them familiarize with the market and work groups, idea fixation and finaly gaining independent legal identity. In this period, indviduals and groups interested in in team work and inauguarating companies can br organized into research cores (with no registration) to tread into market utilizing the support and services of the incubator center. The basic criteria for entering into this phase is just having an innovative idea with its ability to be commercialized. 

The development Period: This period may take three months during which the thechnology units in the incubator center achieve development qualifications, thereby leaving the incubator centers. During this phase, companies can take advantage of the financial facilities, participation in workshops and exhibitions, and short courses as wellas using the equipment and physical space as desired. These companies can voluntarily enter Sciecne and Technology Parks or the market upon successfully passing this development period.


Technology units: These are legally independent entities which can keep on activites on applied and development research, designing, reverse engineering, technology transfer, specialized services of commercialization of research findings, as indicated in their Statute. These units include private companies, industrial research and development units, mega-companies or applied research centers affiliated to universities and administrative orgaizations. 

Technology cores: These are working groups or teams comprising two or more university graduates from cerain fields of study who wish to establish legal entities and create relevant professions.


Advantages of joining incubator centers: Based on supports related to knowledge-based companies, facilities and advantages are predicted for these companies as follows:

Advantage of freely using support, training, and specialized cousultation services in the incubator center.

Legal advantages of knoeledge-based companies and commercialization of thechnology.

Financial and credit facilities with no or low interest fee.

Participation in national and international exhibitions.

Advantages of patent registration.

Developing relations with other scientific and research centers.

Settling in the space related with the incubator center.

Facilitating international relations

Tax exemption

Relevant fields: Basic sciences in medicine, Pharmaceutical products, traditional medicine, herbal medicine, new medical technology, health and treatment 


The herbal medicine section: This section has commenced its activities from 2013 with the ianuaguaral presence of the Vice-ministry of Nursing. Currently, it provides services such as essence extraction, plantation of optimized herbal seeds, biological products and consultation. The equipment may be listed as follows: 

Extraction with rotary, Soxhlet extractor and chemical hood.

Essence extraction with clevenger apparatus and GCmass.

Isolation with VLC and LCchromatography, and flash chromatography system.

Relevant tests equipped with various shakers, bain Marie, oven and other devices.

Freeze Dryer is used for drying sensitive samples using freezing or Sublimation or freeze drying, which are used in most research, medical, biochemical and food sciences laboratories. In fact, the sample solvent is frozen, and then sublimated; finally, the physical and chemical properties are kept intact.