School of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine was founded in 2008, with the admission of 25 students of Medicine (GP). Now in 2016, it has over 270 students from Iranian and overseas nationalities. In addition to general medicine, other majors are also offered in this faculty, including dental prosthesis (BSc.) and physiology (MSc.). Also, short courses are offered based on the educational calendar as well as the needs of the faculty or the clients' demands.

Faculty of Medicine has many laboratories including biochemistry, histology, physiology, parasitology, microbiology, immunology, cellular-molecular; also, it provides dissection hall training for medical students. Students will enjoy the easy access to the library (a relaxing area of 600 m2) with around 9000 Persian books, 3000 English books, 500 eBooks, 40 computers with internet access, where students are allowed to access to the National Digital Library from 8:00 to 20:00. English Language Laboratory, conference hall, computer site and ITC unit are among the other facilities students will be using during their education in this faculty.

The national curriculum demands universities to train medical students both theoretically and clinically; therefore, we take our students to three major hospitals and other minor hospitals and clinics for clinical training. Heshmatyyeh Hospital is a newly built and modern hospital with advanced equipment and well-trained staff in downtown with easy access to transportation systems and other urban facilities.

Departments in this faculty include basic sciences (physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, histology, microbiology, biochemistry and nutrition, medical ethics, Islamic teachings, and general courses including physical training, Persian courses, English, and information technology) and clinical departments (medical surgical, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatrics, radiology, radiotherapy, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, ENT and social medicine). We feel that foreign applicants will find this faculty a friendly environment for a serious, fruitful and promising future for medical practices.

Our Mission

The scope of this faculty covers education, research and treatment based on developing the promotion of health. Therefore, training potent and professional graduates is among its duties. Medical education with modern and standardized methods of teaching, optimal facilities, resources and educational technology in our hospitals and health centers are all directed towards expanding collaboration with national and international scientific centers. In a dynamic and scientific environment leading to reasonable relations between professors and students, studying and research in different medical specialties and branches will be facilitated; talented students will develop skills and power in the community to apply their individual and social accountability onto upcoming commitments and professional responsibilities. Creating such an environment demonstrates commitments, interest and adherence to our 2025 National Prospective Document, paving the way towards creativity, research and innovation in medical education. We strongly believe that attention to human rights and dignity, conscientiousness, developing welfare and health will still remain as a cornerstone for an Iranian Islamic Culture.

Our Vision

We earnestly hope that our talented students would take a steady step towards expanding modern human knowledge and promoting human health, by relying on our professional professors and modern teaching methods.