Research Centers in school of medicine, Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences (SUMS).


Cellular and Molecular Research Center

The Cellular and Molecular Research Center (CMRC) was officially approved in 2015 by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education. CMRC benefits from the directorship of Mr Rad along with many experienced academic staff and scientific experts. The center utilizes the latest technologies and lab machinery in researches related to cell culture, genetics, biotechnology.

Medical Bioinformatics Research Center

Medical Bioinformatics is about using information technology to manage molecular biological data. These biological data in many cases come from experiments done by biologists in wet lab. It means people working with bioinformatics must have knowledge in both computer science and biology. Actually bioinformatics is to use computer and software to collect, organize and store biological data in databases. It's also development of computer programs for analyzing biological data. In general, bioinformatics can be: Focusing on using existing bioinformatics tools for analyzing and delivering new biological findings and developing new bioinformatics algorithms and tools or improving the existing ones.

Traditional Medicine and Holistic Research Center

Traditional Medicine and Holistic Research Center is interdisciplinary knowledge and shared different fields of knowledge such as medicine, anthropology, phytology, etc and considered as one of the precious heritage of Islamic-Iranian Civilization. The Iranian founders of traditional medicine are prominent scientists such as Avicenna, Razi, Jorjani and whose studies and researches affected the medicine in a world. 

Leishmaniasis Research Center

 Leishmaniasis research center was established in 2015. This research center attempts to reduce the incidence of cutaneous leishmaniasis and skin diseases at the national level and to develop new effective approaches for diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. This purpose is attained by developing basic, clinical, experimental and multidisciplinary research projects.

Elderly Health Research Center

The Elderly Health Research Center is proactively involved in the elderly health.  It leads some ageing research and educational programs to improve the well-being of older adults. The center is now considered as a nationally renowned leading organization in the field. The centre’s mission is to support and conduct basic and clinical research in the fields of aging, geriatric, and gerontology as well as genetic, biological, clinical, behavioral, economic and social aspects of aging; and produce information about aging and share the fruits of the research carried out with health care professionals and the public.

The Elderly Health Research Centers’ programs are:

a.       Education and support of the Iranian elderly population in health and other relevant issues

b.      Initiation and forging joint projects with international and domestic research centers working on common fields of interest

c.       Development of data banks and statistics for authorities and policy makers; and provision of training for researchers working in elderly-health related subjects


Ghoran and Medicine Research Center

Islam favors acquiring knowledge in medicine. The Creator of the universe has said in the Holy book the Quran, many treatment have mentioned in the Holy book, researcher can take advantages of medical sciences presented in Quran.


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