Molecular part

This section is located in the Central Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Research and includes normal PCR-Real Time PCR equipment, gel dock, horizontal and vertical electrophoresis, Western blotting transfer tank, shaker incubator, refrigerated centrifuges and freezers and -80- and 20-degrees. In this section, including DNA extraction, RNA, cloning and various types of PCRs are underway.

This department is ready to serve colleagues inside the university and outside the university with the approved tariffs of the university.


Cellular section

This section is also located in the Central Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Research. The equipment of this section includes a laminar hood, CO2 incubator, invert microscope and 3 nitrogen tanks. Currently, the university cell bank consists of 25 different cells.

 In this section, cancer cells, stem cells and primary cell culture are being cultured.


Cellular And Molecular Research Center
Address: Sabzevar, Shohadaye Hasteiee Boulevard, Sabzevar University of Medical Science
Phone Number: (98) 51-44018383
Post Code: 9617913112-9617913114

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