Since modern medicine has a strong connection with research and a major part of this research in this field is in the form of cellular and molecular research, Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences, in line with its research activities, established the Cellular and Molecular Research Center in 2009 and started its activities in this center.16/ 12/1393 With the vote issued from the 245th session of the Development Council of the University of Medical Sciences, it received principled approval. Also, the citation was made on the 127th session of the Development Council of the University of Medical Sciences, dated 12/8/1398. Was done


The Cellular and Molecular Research Center hopes that by using the potential of faculty members and other researchers, it can become a leading and creative center in the field of conducting basic and applied research in the field of recognizing the cellular and molecular basis of diseases.



- Improving the level of knowledge and ability of faculty members, researchers and students

- Development and application of medical knowledge and its sub-disciplines in research and ultimately clinical filds

- Development and application of human knowledge in cellular and molecular research

- Cultivation of researcher human resources in the field of research

- Conducting basic and applied research in various cellular and molecular fields

- Encouragement, encouragement and coordination of community and university researchers to implement new research projects in the field of cell and molecular and related fields

- Providing the possibility of cooperation with universities and other centers nationally and internationally by defining joint projects


- Scientific cooperation and communication with cellular and molecular educational and research centers of other countries and international organizations accepted by the competent authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, within the framework of the laws and regulations of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

- Creating DNA bank, cell bank and bank of different tissues

- Attracting research budgets from governmental and non-governmental sources

- Training of researcher human resources in master's (M.Sc) and specialized doctorate (Ph.D) related to the activities of the center, according to the regulations approved by the University Council and licensed by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education


Effective education and support researchers, students and faculty members is a mission af this research center.


Cellular and Molecular Research Center is committed to supporting academics, staff and students and utilizing technology, research and development of interdisciplinary collaboration and an atmosphere of creativity and. This center wants to achieve the top rank of its peer centers in the next 5 years.


Carrying out the approved policies of Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Empowering researchers and developing research and technology at university and provincial level

Supervising on research projects, that approved by the research center council

Utilizing the results of research and new technologies in order to solve problems and disease

Developing regional, national and global research communications and collaborations

Organizing research in the field of Cellular and Molecular at university level

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Cellular And Molecular Research Center
Address: Sabzevar, Shohadaye Hasteiee Boulevard, Sabzevar University of Medical Science
Phone Number: (98) 51-44018383
Post Code: 9617913112-9617913114
Email: CMRC@medsab.ac.ir

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