This field is determined to train an effective human resources and support researchers, students and professors to take an effective step to improve the scientific output of the country.


The Vice President of Research and Technology of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences is committed to supporting academics, staff and students and utilizing technology, research and development of interdisciplinary collaboration and an atmosphere of creativity and innovation among their peer-reviewed universities. The country will be in the next five years.


1-      Development and application of human knowledge in the field of non-communicable diseases.

2-      Conduct research related to non-communicable diseases to meet the needs of national and international society.

3-      Collect, arrange, classify and publication relevant documents, manuscripts, and documents in the field of non-communicable diseases.

4-      Training to researchers in the field of non-communicable diseases.

5-      Encouraging, exhorting and employing researchers; with priority given to patients with non-communicable diseases covered by Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.

6-      Trying to gain the cooperation of other national research centers.

7-      Scientific cooperation with other international research centers and organizations, in compliance with the laws and regulations of the I.R.Iran.

8-      Attempts to make practical use of research in non-communicable diseases.

9-      Attempts to increase grants attract and funds